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Expiration Dates and Why We Have Them...

February 21, 2018

   Expiration dates are not provided or even required on many products we purchase that come in direct contact with our skin. "Why?" You ask, because they contain additives and preservatives to give them a long shelf life , but in doing so expose us to chemicals that are hazardous and sometimes down right poisonous to our bodies.

 Many products today come into our homes with no expiration dates and we are left guessing if we should use it or toss it, especially bath and body products. I'm sure we all had that Grandmother or Great Aunt who had a jar of

 bath salts she was saving for (?) a "special occasion" or that fancy bar of soap that was reserved for when "company"  came but no one was ever allowed to touch it , kind of like those pretty hand towels ; ) . I'm sure we all have some sort of product in our home that we use occasionally just because we paid good money for it and we don't want it to go to waste, but we're not really sure we should still be using it ( think mascara, cologne, perfumes, and lotions). My mantra is "When in doubt, THROW IT OUT!" I'd rather have to buy more eye shadow than risk an eye infection or worse.

   All of our products at Three Falls Organics come with an expiration date or a "Best if used by" date. This means we guarantee that our product will preform and behave as expected up to the date listed on that product. Because we do not use chemical preservatives in our products or soaps and we use all organic ingredients, they will have a shorter shelf life and will need to be used by that date.  Some products such as soap and balms will have a longer shelf life, than say Body Butter, but isn't that why you buy them? To use them?

   All products (except for our soaps which require a curing time of 4 weeks) are made to order so you can feel confidant and safe knowing you are using freshly made organic products with our ingredients listed and a clear expiration date.

  We hope you enjoy our products and stop back often to check out our new arrivals!!


               " Where attention goes , energy flows"

                                      ~ Three Falls Organics






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